Nothing, Lucilius, is ours, except time…the one loan which even a grateful recipient cannot repay.
Seneca the Younger


Kent Augustson graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was accepted into UCLA’s PhD program in history. After earning his MA, he was drawn to the political center of the modern world when competitively chosen for an executive intern position with the federal government. A facility with numbers as well as words led to high positions in Washington, DC, responsible for multi-billion dollar aspects of the federal budget that featured preparing for and participating in their convincing defense before the White House OMB and the Congress.

Still studying history while enmeshed in history for three decades, Augustson developed innovative insights into its passage. With honed analytical, conceptual, and presentation skills, Our Axial Age sets forth his basic argument for our place in time.

There will follow three works of about the same length; each will turn the vignettes into seventeen or eighteen delightful short stories while reinforcing the main theme. The manuscript of the first of these is largely complete and the work should be out in a matter of months.

Augustson lives in Columbia, Maryland, with his wife, Judy, of over forty years. They have two grown children, Tanya and Erik, residing in the area.