Happy is the man who can recognize in the work of today the connected portion of the work of life and embodiment of the work of eternity.   James Clerk Maxwell

Why was the 20th century the most violent in history?

Why is the 21st century shaping up to be as bad, if not worse?

Our Axial Age answers these questions with a unique conceptualization of world history that puts in perspective where we are in the grand scheme of time. The argument is made that we are in the midst of a new Axial Age, following the first identified by renowned German philosopher Karl Jaspers. The first Axial Age was about morality, spirituality, and love. This one speaks to power.

Written in an engaging tone for general audiences, Augustson succinctly but insightfully presents world history making use of colorful vignettes, memorable characterizations of time, and twenty-one easily accessible charts. He also argues for revealing harmonies in history consistent with Carl Jung’s “meaningful coincidence” in his Theory of Synchronicity.  Once we make this accommodation to power, humanity’s future has unbounded promise. But the coming decades may be difficult indeed.